sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Personal Reflections on “MARRIAGE: Love and Life in the Divine Plan" Part 2 - W. May


Here I intend to present the Bishops’ teaching in Part Two of the Pastoral Letter, which they call “Marriage in the Order of the New Creation: The Sacrament of Marriage,” from the perspective of a husband, father, and grandfather. I want to do so because I have now been married more than fifty-one years to a wonderful, loving wife, and God has blessed us with seven loving children, four boys and three girls. Six of them are now married to great daughters- and sons-in-law whom God has blessed with fifteen children and in doing so has blessed us with fifteen grandchildren, ten girls and five boys ranging in age from twenty to seven months. I think this puts me into a position to appreciate the message our Bishops want to communicate in this fine document. Read More