sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

Excerpts from writings and Statements of Fr. Richard Neuhaus - A Priest Not Afraid to Proclaim the Truth

By Steve Jalsevac

NEW YORK, January 8, 2009 ( - Fr. Richard Neuhaus could always be relied upon to honour his priestly vocation by stating the truth about difficult subjects for the benefit of both the spiritual and moral development of society. LifeSiteNews was privileged to interview this great man on several occasions. He never let us down in quickly getting right to the core with especially insightful comments on the difficult matters raised.

Neuhaus's empathy with the struggles of the ordinary person was very real and unforgettable. He was a great orator, a true, high level Catholic intellectual and yet still a most humble and always approachable man - a rare human. Personal encounters with Fr. Neuhaus were not forgotten.

Neuhaus's erudite fraternal correction of wayward bishops and other fellow clergy was a rare breath of fresh air compared to the obfuscation, secrecy, general cowardice and often deep corruption that has reigned in much of the Catholic Church in the US in recent decades.

Following are excerpts from notable articles on Fr. Neuhaus statements that have been published or referred to in LifeSiteNews.